I guess I didn’t plan this correctly. I usually highlight my milestone posts every 100, but in the midst of writing a post a day in January it seems I just noticed that I had crossed the 200 post mark by a couple of posts. Since I’ve already postdated those other posts, and I’m not in the mood to chase them down and change those dates, I’m going to talk about the previous 200 as if those other two posts don’t exist… at least for this post. 🙂

me & a baby
not my baby 🙂

I started this blog on January 22nd of 2011, which means I’m almost at my 6th anniversary here. I hit my first 100 posts in November of 2012. I just hit my 200th post on January 10th of 2017; it’s almost hard to believe it’s taken me more than 4 years to write 100 posts when I’m normally kind of prolific.

I get to add that I was out of town for about 18 months working on a consulting assignment in Memphis… Tennessee, for those of you who know we live close to a village of the same name. lol During that period I wrote only 22 posts here; that just won’t get it done. Still, that means I only wrote 78 posts in the other 28 months. That’s not the worst in the world but it’s not close to the standard I set for myself on my other blogs.

That’s actually one of the reasons I committed to writing a post a day this January, because I felt like I’d been slacking off around here. At the very least I should be writing two posts a month, especially since I gave myself approval to change the focus at the beginning of 2015 from just being about the central New York area to writing about pretty much anything I want to write about. Part of my commitment is to write more, promote more, and work on getting some advertisements or sponsorships for my efforts; that last one might take some time.

No matter; let’s get on with my norm… even if it’s not so normal. I always like to highlight my 5 most popular posts during the 100 article period… which this time is 4 years! lol The proof that I’ve done a pretty bad job of both marketing and keeping up to date with this blog is that every one of the top 5 articles visited in the last 4 years is within the first 100 articles I wrote; that’s pretty sad. Anyway, here they are, with numbers:

Horrible Experience At Village Burger In Liverpool 1,988
Filing A Small Claims Suit In Syracuse 960
5 Things I Don’t Like About Wegmans 715
Season’s Harvest Buffet At Turning Stone Casino 562
Collins, The Best Black Barber Shop In Town 466

Next are the posts that were the most commented on during the same period. This time around I only had 4 posts that had at least 10 comments; once again, my fault:

Creative Blogger Award Challenge 15
Blogging Get Together At Al’s Wine & Spirits 14
“Would You Rather” Book Tag Tour – My Version 11
Are We Too Busy For Real Networking? 10

That’s not good at all, is it? Then again, the first 100 only had 5 posts with more than 10 comments… though one of those had 44. Out of the 4 article above, only one of them had any significant comments from local people; I find that pretty interesting… don’t people in central New York like to read and support each other?

Bah; that sounds like whining, and I’m not that type of person (my wife would disagree lol). Instead, we push forward and move onward, which means it’s time to highlight my favorite 5 articles for the last period; this should be pretty easy to do, and for once I’m not going to copy any of the articles showing above:

My Top Ten Favorite Syracuse Basketball Players Of All Time
Body Shaming – Why It Needs To End
To Share Or Not Share; That Is The
Question Of A Diabetic Healthcare Journey

Are You Kidding Me IHOP?
My Encounter With Pearl

That’s that; 3 concerning central New York, 2 outside of that realm. That’s about right I think; at least it should give me some impetus to write more here, promote more, and hopefully to get more people here, whether they’re local or not. I hope you stick around for what’s coming for the rest of this month and for what I’m hoping to do for the next 100 posts… which I promise won’t take 4 years to write! 😉

Meanwhile, I figured I might as well add this… my new office design…



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