This blog must truly be a labor of love. I’ve finally reached 100 posts; this is actually #101. It’s been an interestingly slow and steady ride since I wrote my first post on why the name Syracuse Wiki and what I hoped to do with it. That it’s taken me almost 2 years to get to 100 posts is telling since with one of my blogs I reached 100 posts in the first 4 months.

I wanted this blog to really only highlight things throughout central New York, as well as offer an opinion or two here and there, and I’ve held true to that. Only one post isn’t related to central New York, but Rochester’s close enough for me to consider it.

I’d also hoped that most posts I put on here would have some kind of picture of something local, sometimes multiple images. I’ve stuck to that for the most part as well, so I’m proud of that. What I never really thought of when I started, which then came to make sense if I knew myself, was that I’d write about so many places to eat, and yet that still only accounts for 17 posts.

Restaurants still leads the pack though, and the most “popular”, aka controversial post, was an article written about Vilage Burger; no, it wasn’t a good review. That article, written in April 2011, has had almost 3,500 views, more than double the views of the home page of the blog; that’s unbelievable.

I also wrote 11 articles on local businesses, and the post that got the most activity was when I talked about local businesses and the lack of respect they get when compared to companies from outside of the area. I’ve also written a lot of articles about entertainment, and though they haven’t gotten much response, the one that did get a little bit of attention was when I wrote about Singer’s karaoke club.

Going forward, I’ll continue highlighting different things I see around town, and I hope to be a more regular contributor. I’ve been waiting to get photo opportunities, but going to the same places time after time won’t get it done. Still, I’ll get stuff out, and at some point I’ll open the blog up for local advertising, which I’ve yet to do. Just know that every review I’ve written was totally unsolicited, which allows me to be both praising and critical. And I hope to showcase more local talent, as I did with my artist buddy Issac Bidwell.

I’m not going away; I’m hoping greater things are on their way. I mean, look above; I touched a cow! 🙂

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