Goodness, for that matter why a new blog?

A quick introduction. My name is Mitch Mitchell, and I already have a number of blogs. I also have a number of websites, and I manage and/or write blogs for other people as well.

Mitch Mitchell I wanted a website that would be specific to all things Syracuse or central New York; after all, this is my hometown. My initial thought was to get a bunch of local people together to create a wiki page for the Syracuse area so I bought the domain name, just in case. It turns out there’s already one, although I personally think it could be much better.

Still, it already exists, and after a poll by my friend Josh Shear that found most people wanted a Syracuse wiki but no one wanted to work on it, a small consortium of us decided not to go that route.

This domain name sat alone and unused for about 6 or 7 months. I finally decided that I paid for this domain name for 3 years, and I didn’t want it just sitting there; what kind of sense did that make? I had thought about buying a domain name reflective of central New York itself, but I had this one, so it will have to do.

So, it opens today as a blog. The look might modify somewhat, but the color orange will stay. Why? Because Syracuse is one of the few cities in the world where orange is a statement color. The Syracuse University sports teams are called “Orange”. For that matter my high school colors, as I went to Liverpool High School, were orange and blue. If you wear orange in this town, you belong.

Some caveats up front. One, there will be advertising on this blog. Second, any reviews I write of things around Syracuse, such as restaurants, will not be paid advertising; I don’t play that kind of thing. Now, if someone decides they want to pay for an advertisement in the form of a post, I’ll state that’s exactly what it is. But I don’t expect that to happen; I’m just mentioning it. Most everything on this site will be my opinion, so don’t hold me to the standard of news accuracy. And three, I’m not necessarily married to the name Syracuse Wiki; if I decide to get creative, I might change the name, though the domain will stay the same. That’s more common than people think, by the way. I’m just bad with names.

And thus begins the new chapter of a Syracuse blog, and it gives my online friend Phil another Syracuse blog to add to his list. Unfortunately, this blog starts just as my beloved Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team has lost its 2nd game in a row, this time at home to Villanova. 🙁 The crowd topped out at 33,736; not bad, I’d say, but not enough to help knock off a conference rival. Next game, y’all!