Every once in a while I’m open to a little bit of silliness and fun; that’s what this is going to be. Of all things I got nominated for what’s called the Creative Blogger Award.

Creative-Blogger-Award-2015Before you go congratulating me on it or anything else, let me tell you that, in its own way, it’s more of a meme than anything else. In essence, someone gets nominated, has certain criteria they’re supposed to follow, and part of that criteria is nominating other people and informing them that they’ve been nominated, with hope that they’ll participate. Obviously no one is obligated, and it’s my bet that at best one person “might” do it… though it’s doubtful. lol

Let’s get the rules out of the way first, so no one can say that they didn’t know what they were supposed to do:

1. Thank and post the link of the person who nominated you;
2. Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers;
3. Nominate 10-20 blogs and notify them;
4. Post the rules so others know what they are (which I’ve just done).

The person I have to thank is Holly Jahangiri, a writer and blogger and all around smart person; yeah, I’ll give her that. I’ve not only interviewed her on my other blog but I interviewed her on YouTube also, and it’s both the most watched video on that channel and has the most comments. Just sayin’…

Next, I’m supposed to share 5 facts about myself. This one is a little harder than the others because a few years ago I did a post on my other blog where I gave 100 facts about myself, which I can also blame on Holly because she did it first. Good thing she didn’t ask me to jump off a bridge, though she did try to convince me to eat nasty fried bugs (nope, that’s never happening…). Still, that was 3 years ago, so let’s see what I might have that’s new:

1. Late at night on September 13th, 2001, after almost 60 hours straight of watching TV, turning channels to find out whatever I could about the tragedies on the 11th, the only way I could break away from it all was to put on the movie Independence Day, starting at the scene where the president makes the speech to the pilots about to launch an attack against the aliens.

2. The reason I won’t go see another Jurassic Park movie is because I saw the original at a midnight showing at 12AM Friday morning. It was so powerful an image in my mind that I didn’t sleep for 3 days (I sense a pattern here) and had to go see it again the following Monday, during the day, to get it out of my mind.

3. The very first song I wrote, back in 1979, actually placed in the top 600 of a song contest 3 years later out of 25,000 entries. It’s the only time I ever entered anything I’ve written into a contest.

4. I used to teach voice at the old Metropolitan School of Music in the early 80’s, unofficially. I had two students and never had either of them pay me for it. Neither were ever going to be professional singers, but both wanted to sing a little better.

5. It’s true that you shrink as you get older, as things start to settle based on health and, of course gravity. I’ve lost an inch over the last 10 years; I hope it stops there.

Three down, one, or ten depending on how you look at it, to go. I could have written this post on this blog or my other blog (I’ve only been referencing one other blog because the other 3 wouldn’t have worked for this…) but decided to write it on this blog because I’m going to nominate many people from the Syracuse area to participate. That’s why I mentioned earlier that I don’t think many will do it but hey, why not put it out there right?

Anyway, I’m going to mention the names and link to people and then, when this goes live, I’ll let them all know, best I can, that I did this. Who knows; someone might even comment on this post. Let’s begin:

1. Joanna Giansanti of Giansanti Design, in hopes that maybe it’ll inspire her to start writing on her blog again;

2. Chris Malone, The Infinite Abyss(es), because I think he’s a brilliant writer who hasn’t written a new post in a while;

3. Stef Noble, stefnoble, who’s presently working on a 30-day blogging challenge and might decide this is worth giving a shot;

4. Mark Bialczak, whose eponymous blog is truly entertaining and might find this kind of fun;

5. Renee Benda of Bendiful Blog, one of the original organizers of our local blogging in-person meetups;

6. Troy Swezey of Troy Swezey v2.0, who has two blogs but this one probably fits best; one of the best commenters on my other blog;

7. Brenda Lee of My Girly Parts writes on a lot of topics for adult women, though I tend to go to her blog & comment on stuff (often the only male there lol);

8. Josh Shear, another eponymous blogger (by the way, that means the blog is the same as their name lol), who I’m definitely thinking won’t do this but it’ll still be fun mentioning it to him;

9. Adrienne Smith, another eponymous blogger who’s not going to participate since her focus has changed, yet I think people should visit her blog;

10. Arlee Bird of Tossing It Out, because he’s been writing a lot time, has lots of writing challenges, and might think this is one worth taking a shot at… or not… 🙂

I was right; that was the hardest part to do but I did it. Now it’s up to those of you I named to decide whether you’re up to the task, want to be up to the task, don’t care and want to be left alone, or say later “I didn’t know you mentioned me” when I’ve told you on Twitter that I did. Oh yeah, if you do decide to take on the challenge, copy or download the image on this post so you can use it on yours; after all, it’s an award! For now, onward & upward.

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