It seems that other than January 2017, when I wrote a post a day, I only wrote 6 other posts for the year.. the last one being in November. I wish I had a really good reason for that but I don’t. Still, I’m going to get a bit more personal than I usually do anywhere else because I think it’ll help me mentally.

I’m the owner of 5 blogs, and I write for 2 others. I make sure I write an article a week for my two main blogs but for the others I write something when I get a chance to put something together. Last year was the lowest output of articles I’ve ever had, even though I still wrote 159 of them, not counting what I wrote on this blog. That means I average a new article every 2.3 days, which isn’t all that bad except I made no money off any of it; I need to do better in that regard. Oh yeah, I also created 87 videos for 2 YouTube channels.

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Finally! For the last few years I’ve been looking for a Chinese restaurant in the Liverpool area that was at least passable. Now there’s one that I actually like a lot, and it appears I’m not the only one. In the same space next to Aldi’s on Route 57 in Liverpool, a space previously held […]

Chocolate is one of the most popular flavors in the world; it’s certainly my favorite flavor. 🙂 It can be used as a drink, be eaten, used to create scents, and a host of other things. It can also be modified so that the same beginning product can take on many different tastes, textures, and […]

A few months ago my wife and I stopped at a place called The Guest House. She wanted to see the layout for how to present her dichroic jewelry for some kind of show where many people were going to be sharing their wares. I stayed in the car while she went inside, but within […]

Scott Gardner is the owner of Agilé Marketing Services. I’ve known Scott for about 14 years, and he’s always offered great insight into the branding and marketing process. He’s worked both with local and national clients, helping them get more clients and business by sometimes using what others might term unorthodox principles but which are […]