When I first started this blog, it was with the intention of only writing about local things, local events, local restaurants, etc. A lot of that disappeared just before Covid, and of course when I had to start giving more care to my mother than she needed when she first moved in with me. In my mind, I’ve written about things that could be helpful to people everywhere, but when it comes down to it, I feel like I need to find time and ways to write more about what’s going on around me more often, like I did last September when I wrote about my New York State Fair experience.

I’m going to talk and share both pictures and videos of things I love about the specific area I live in, which is Liverpool, NY. I moved here in July 1975, after my dad retired from the military, and I’ve been here ever since. It’s a very calming place to live, and even though he does have a few things I’m not enamored with, just like every other community, overall I’m extremely happy with a lot of it.
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Last week I stopped at the local grocer to buy some foodstuffs, and decided I wanted to pick up some eggs. Imagine my shock when I saw that the cost of a dozen large eggs was $3.75. The last time I’d bought eggs, which was a few months earlier, I purchased a dozen extra large […]

In a way, this is how it all started. Years earlier I wrote an article titled Dealing With Adult Parents. At that point, I was starting to notice that Mom’s habits and memory seemed to be changing a bit. It was scary, but I tried putting a positive spin on it; most of us are […]

I originally wrote this back in 2015. I feel it’s still pertinent, and I want it to reach more people than it did back then. At the time, I was alerted to a video made by a young lady named Cassie Ho. She’s a fitness authority who’s made a lot of videos on YouTube helping […]

Who hasn’t gone to Best Buy at least once to buy something? In many cities like my own, it’s the only place where you can go to buy a computer other than the Apple store, and since I’m not a Mac guy, it’s where I go. I also buy many other electronics there, although with […]