It’s New Years Day across the country; hope everyone had a safe and possibly exciting New Years Eve. I stayed in the house; that’s how I roll. 🙂

What have I been thinking about? Syracuse basketball, of course. I also started thinking that I haven’t written anything specific about the Syracuse area in quite a while; actually, once one article last year, in April, about the specific area I live in, Liverpool, NY.

Mom & I repped the ‘Cuse!

Anyway, it’s basketball season, and the team is sitting at 9-3 as I’m writing this. They’re not quite a top 50 team… yet… because like most Syracuse fans, we’re expecting great things as the season goes on, along with a new coach and a potential NBA star on the horizon; y’all know who I’m talking about.

So, I had a thought. Back in 2014, I wrote a short article talking about my 10 favorite Syracuse basketball players in history. Yeah, I’m a bit behind the times, and I probably should update it; we’ll see if I get there.

This time around, I decided to share what I could in highlighting my favorite last-minute moments in Syracuse basketball history. My initial goal was to list 10, but I wanted to add video into the mix, and there’s not as much “clean” videos on YouTube that I thought would work well. So, I’m sharing 5; if anyone thinks they can find something short and clean that would fit, let me know.

So, on with the show:

Gerry McNamara – game tying shot against Connecticut w/5 seconds left, Big East Tournament, 2006

Tyler Ennis Hits Buzzer Beater vs. Pitt – 2/13/2014

John Gillon: Buzzer-Beating Game Winner vs. Duke, 2017

Hakim Warrick–The Block– vs. Kansas National Title Game, 2003; not quite a “shot” video as much as a blocked shot 😉

Pearl Washington’s Half-Court Buzzer-Beater VS Boston College (I was at this game, sitting behind the backboard where Pearl made the shot 🙂 (1984)

There you are; which last minute shots do you remember that makes you smile?

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