The video below recounts a full tale of my latest escapade at Destiny USA mall that involved trying to get my smartphone repaired. Since that’s what the video is about I thought I’d flesh out two other things that were quite a bit irksome.

This would work!

This would work!

The first is… where can you find the time in Destiny? I’m serious! I thought that it might come up on those computerized marquees that are scattered all throughout the mall; nope, or at least I didn’t see it. There’s no large clock in the food court. There’s nothing in the new section. And no, it turns out you can’t trust the timepieces in the displays in the middle of the mall or any of the jewelry stores, though I knew that wasn’t happening.

Why did I need a timepiece? First, I don’t wear a watch; haven’t worn one for years. Second, I usually have my smartphone with me but, as I was trying to have it repaired, I didn’t have that as an option. Third, because these repair people kept telling me to come back in so many minutes, but that’s not helpful when you have no way to track the minutes.

This brings me to point #2. You know who would have had a clock somewhere? A bookstore! Well, at least I’m guessing a bookstore would have the time somewhere.

That’s not the point though. It’s a shame that a mall as big as Destiny doesn’t have a bookstore or magazine store of some kind. When did reading become so passe that neither one counts in this country anymore?

I know the stats show that bookstores have been on the decline. However, something I’ve advocated on this blog was setting aside spaces for local businesses to participate in malls in this area, and there are lots of small, local owned bookstores that might enjoy having the ability to have a presence in Destiny, Great Northern, etc.

If I’d had a bookstore I could have gone into… man, life would have been pretty sweet. Maybe I should have thought to just start carrying around my Nook so I can break out the electronic library I have there for some entertainment. However, in this case, since the mall wasn’t my primary destination it never occurred to me.

Oh well… that’s enough preamble… here’s the video:

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