This past Friday I had the pleasure of going to an art show. It may seem that’s all I’m talking about lately after my past post but this was something entirely different.

by Tanner Woodland

This was an art show put on by Arise Inc, celebrating the best in art from the disabled community as highlighted in this year’s Unique Magazine. For the past 3 or 4 years Arise has helped celebrate the finest art from groups of very talented artists and poets and highlighted it with a museum exhibit. In previous years the art was shown at the Delavan Gallery off West Fayette Street but this year they decided to go big time and have it at the Everson Museum, easily Syracuse’s top dog in art.

by Karen Voas

I hadn’t been to the Everson in more than 25 years I hate to say, so being inside was something of a renewal for me. I’d totally forgotten how it was laid out and if you follow the link above you’ll see what you’re introduced to as soon as you walk inside. They even have a museum store now where you can buy replicas of some of what they have on hand as well as previous works of art including jewelry.

by Christian Poirier

Of course I had to be there because I’m not only on the board of Arise but I’m also the Finance Committee chairperson, sometimes called the treasurer. However, it’s always a pleasure and, as you can tell by some of the pictures I’m showing, the art is wonderful. Unlike when it’s been held at the Delavan the Unique art was on the lower level basically over two wings. I hadn’t remembered the Everson being so large, but it’s monstrous, and thus there were many other exhibits there as well. I made sure to go take a quick walk through all of the lower level, although I think I missed one area; no matter.

by Jeremy Kelley

I hope you can get your hands on a copy of Unique Magazine so you can see more than 60 pieces of art and poetry these folks, ranging from ages 15 to 89, have created. The copy I get, it seems, was an autographed copy that was supposed to go to someone else, but it was given to me so I don’t feel guilty about it. 🙂 And because Arise is a non-profit organization whose funding is crucial and is up against Medicaid cuts this coming year, if you’d like to donate to the cause you can follow this link; all donations are appreciated.

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