This is a rare situation for the Syracuse area. To date, I don’t believe we’ve had any measurable snowfall, although all around us communities have already had blizzards and snowstorms. Good for them, but what about us? Will ours becoming, and when?

In the last 9 years the lowest snowfall we’ve had was 106 inches, the season of 2009 – 2010. We had 3 years with more than 150 inches, and one year where we missed it by .4 inches. Yet, if we remember, there was the 2001 – 2002 year when we barely had less than 60 inches of snow, officially 59.4 inches, the lowest total since we had 66 inches the season of 1982 – 1983 and the only year in the last 10 when we didn’t win the Golden Snowball award.

No one ever gets our weather correct it seems. The Old Farmer’s Almanac said we would have more snow than normal, and this week was supposed to be one of the heaviest of the year; anyone seen any snow so far? As a matter of fact it’s been warmer than normal.

As of today the National Weather Service is predicting only 2 days of possible snowfall, minor at that, for the next 2 weeks. They’ve even predicted this will probably not be a snowy winter because they believe temperatures will be warmer than normal.

Accuweather predicted that we would have a record snowfall this year because of the prediction of colder than normal temperatures due to occur because of La Nina, below normal temperatures of the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

If all these experts can’t agree, what are we to believe? I’ve decided to err on the side of positive belief; I haven’t hired anyone to plow our driveway this year, figuring I can handle it. Of course, if we get close to that 179 inches we had last year, the last laugh will be on me; that is, if I’m not in the hospital at the end of winter.

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