What’s blogging about if not being able to tout the efforts of others as well as yourself? I have to admit that I didn’t really feel like I had tons of choices to select from for this particular post. Not that there aren’t lots of folks from the Syracuse or central New York that have blogs, but there are two problems I have.

Inside the Carrier Dome
by Scott Thomas Photography

One, not a lot of content in some of them. I don’t count Tumblr as blogs and I don’t count work blogs. That throws a lot of blogs out of consideration. And also there’s not a really big list of blogs out there that acknowledge themselves as central New York blogs or bloggers.

The criteria, therefore, came down to one thing; location of the blogger. That the folks on this list wrote a lot about local things doesn’t hurt. So here’s my top 5 for the year along with a brief commentary:

Views Infinitum – my best friend Scott Thomas’ photography blog, where most of the images he shares are of things he’s seen around central New York. He’s also a big Disney fanatic, so there’s a lot of special shots from there as well.

Still Racing In The Street – this blog is written by Phil Prehn, who I met on Twitter and consider the top advocate for change in the Syracuse area. I can’t say it’s as entertaining as it is informational, yet I like it, especially when it goes off. Phil probably has the most comprehensive list of other area blogs in his blogroll.

Tracy Tilly is someone I met at a tweetup and I have to say that once she found a rhythm her blog has become a joy to read. Always honest and written very conversationally; I like that a lot.

Josh Shear – I met Josh via a connection at a coffee bar, strange for me since I don’t drink the stuff. Josh’s is an iconoclast in that he blogs in spurts and will tell you when he’s deciding to break and when he’s coming back, and then he does. You’re never really sure what you’re getting with his blog, yet it’s pretty entertaining.

Nunes Magician – this is the only person I don’t know and yet I learned about his blog. He writes about Syracuse University sports and pretty much just that, and you’ll get things from here that you won’t get from the local media, which is absolutely great. A true fan, although I’ve always wondered if the real Troy Nunes knows about this blog and what he’d have to say about it. 🙂

And there you go; I wonder how long it’ll take for any of them to notice they’re on a list. lol

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