Wow, time flies fast! I had thought it was only a couple of years ago when I shared my story and pictures of walking at the Lights On The Lake on the night where people could bring their dogs, but the article I just liked to shows me that it’s almost 4 years to the day; wow! Still, any time you get an opportunity to walk along Onondaga Lake and see the lights that others will be paying a lot of money to do soon is an opportunity one should jump at quickly, especially since I doubt they have anything like this in too many places across the country.


Once again, there wasn’t any snow this year, and I still believe the lights look better with snow. Still, the temperature was in the 50’s, and in November in Syracuse it’s hard to be mad at that. The dogs were dogs of course, and it felt like there were a lot more than last time, but there wasn’t a single bit of trouble, except for occasionally getting wrapped up on a leash. If I were to make a recommendation it would be for more people to put a lighted garland around their dog’s neck so people can see them, since even around most of the lights it’s hard to see the dogs, especially the smaller and darker dogs.


Once again I walked with my friend Scott but this time his wife joined us, which means he left his photography equipment at home. It also means we walked the entire length of the parkway and back, which is something I hadn’t done in a long time, and for the first time I learned that what I’d been thinking was John Glenn Boulevard near the Longbranch Park entrance is actually the Thruway; go figure! lol


Every year it seems the people who set up the lights “ups” their game, even though a lot of the exhibits are the same. I think the best shot I got this year was the large castle image I’m showing in this post, but one young guy we came upon, who adopted us for about 5 minutes, asked if we would take his picture next to where Rapunzel was letting down her hair… even though he never gave me an email address to send it to.


No matter; once again we had a great time walking, the weather cooperated, and it even made us forget that it took 15 minutes to find a place to park. 🙂

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