I’m not gonna lie; I’m big into stores that sell “stuff”! I love walking around just looking at stuff of all types, whether it’s tools, fabrics, pictures, even drug stores and supply stores. I have no idea why I like stores like this; probably the colors and the eclectic tastes they offer, along with tons of choices.

At Home store in Destiny

In this vein, I have to admit that I had no idea what an At Home store was, so I had no expectations when I noticed it sitting in the former location of Bon Ton is DestinyUSA Mall. The sign looked kind of cool, which called me in to take a quick look around.

Wow! As soon as I walked in and looked to my right I saw very cool looking Marvel related items that, if I were younger, I’d have bought and put on my wall at home. As I started walking around I saw all sorts of pictures which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The more I walked, the more I saw, including this very funny toilet paper dispenser, some of the coolest looking stools that I know I’d never sit on, and a plethora of differently colored Christmas trees that reminded me both of my youth and a Charlie Brown Christmas.


Truthfully, I didn’t stop to look at any prices because I was blown away with just how much stuff they had in there. I started to wonder what they’d put in place of all the Christmas stuff once the season was over, and I’m thinking I’ll definitely have to go back to take a look when the new year comes in. I didn’t even make it through the middle of the store… there was way too much stuff and too many people getting in my way. This was way more people than I ever saw in Bon Ton over all the years it was there.

That’s all I’ve got; go take a look and be amazed at just how much product they have; I’m betting you’ll find something you like there. For now, see some of the pictures I took while in there.





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