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It might seem like all I talk about on this blog are restaurants throughout central New York, and honestly that’s not true. They’re just the easiest things to talk about because I go to so many restaurants. Such was the case when I decided to try out Limp Lizard. Limp Lizard is a restaurant that […]

Julie’s Diner on Route 11 in North Syracuse is my favorite breakfast place. I know I wrote about Stella’s Diner back in February, and I do like Stella’s, but for my money Julie’s is the place to go. I’ve been going to Julie’s for a very long time. When I first started going it was […]

I met Farah at the opening party ceremony for Syracuse Woman Magazine and was immediately impressed with her and the magazine. I read the whole thing while I sat eating a little something and was glad to be able to talk to her at that time. I’ve run into her one other time at another […]

I’ve never liked cemeteries; I don’t think most people do. It’s the fear of our own mortality that puts us off, I believe. It’s the knowledge that as we walk on that ground that there are those who used to be among us living and breathing as we are now, and that’s no longer happening. […]