It might seem like all I talk about on this blog are restaurants throughout central New York, and honestly that’s not true. They’re just the easiest things to talk about because I go to so many restaurants. Such was the case when I decided to try out Limp Lizard.

Limp Lizard is a restaurant that was created by one of the former creators of The Dinosaur. I don’t know the full story, but basically this guy was no longer part of the original guys and decided to create another restaurant with a different name and created different barbecue sauce. I went to the one in Liverpool on First Street, which replaced Mother’s Restaurant and opened for business about six months ago.

I can’t say that I’m a big connoisseur of barbecue, but I know what I like. I got to have a sample of the sauce last year at a Liverpool Chamber event, and it was wonderful. Actually they had three sauces for us to try, and I liked two of the three. But samples are one thing and a full meal is another and I decided to give it a shot.

There are two doors that you can use to get in, but I went to the one that was the door that Mother’s had. Part of that looks like Mother’s used to, but the greeter took me into another section that was brand new, making the place much larger than it used to be. Since I went for lunch there weren’t many people there, which was fine for me because I figured I get my food quicker.

They seemed to have a lot of choices for alcoholic drinks, but since I’m a non-drinker I had a diet soda instead. Also, since I don’t like spicy food I didn’t order any of the appetizers because many of them were spicy. They were also kind of pricey, as I’m used to seeing appetizers anywhere around $3-$5 and most of the appetizers were around nine dollars; that’s pretty much meal prices if you ask me.

I decided that if I was going to be trying a barbecue restaurant I had to order meats that I could sample barbecue as well as barbecue sauce. I thought about getting the ribs, but instead I decided to get what they called a two-meat choice platter, and I selected pulled pork and beef brisket. I debated for a while on the sides before deciding on baked beans and mashed potatoes, which wasn’t on the menu but the waitress said they had with gravy; I got them without the gravy and added butter later on. It also comes with cornbread.

It took about 15 minutes for my food to come, and based on the picture you can tell that it looked pretty good. I have to admit that it wasn’t all that warm, but it was warm enough to eat and I was really hungry. I discovered pretty quickly that there were skinsd in the mashed potatoes, which I normally don’t like and I knew it was going to be that way because the potatoes weren’t whipped, but I ate them anyway. They were pretty tasty and already had enough salt so I didn’t have to add any extra. The baked beans were really good as well, nice and sweet the way I like them.

But this was about the barbecue. I tasted the beef brisket first and it was nice and tender. The sauce didn’t taste quite like what I was expecting from last year, but it wasn’t bad. In being truthful I’d have to say that I probably prefer Dinosaur’s sauce, although I probably wouldn’t have said the same thing last year. The pulled pork wasn’t bad, but a little dry, something I didn’t expect. Still, it was tasty even before I added extra barbecue sauce to it. They gave me a bun to eat the pulled pork as a sandwich, but I decided I didn’t want the extra carbs.

That’s because I knew I was going to have dessert. They make their own desserts there and I had my choice of either peanut butter pie or something they called grasshopper pie. Grasshopper pie is a cream mint pie with chocolate chips inside it on an Oreo cookie crust. Since I can get peanut butter pie anywhere, I went with the grasshopper pie. I have to say it was wonderful, and one of my favorite words for pie… “smush”!

Overall it wasn’t a bad meal. I have to say I’m surprised there’s so many things on the menu that have nothing to do with barbecue, but people love having choices and I’m sure that all those other things taste good as well. Me being me, if I wanted turkey or fish I would probably go elsewhere, but I’m like that.

The waitress was nice and took good care of me, and even though there was country music playing, and I’m not a fan of country music, I have to say that the room gives you a feeling of comfort. There’s also a big bar in there and many TVs with different shows on each one. I’ve heard that they have bands sometimes, and overall it seems like the kind of place where people will always have a good time.

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