I have 5 blogs. On the other four over the past couple of days, I started my own meme giving 10 tips on each of them. The thing is that this isn’t that type of blog, so there are no real tips I can give you for living in central New York. Well, I could, but if you don’t already know them then you shouldn’t be living here. lol

Instead, I thought I’d play the game by mentioning 10 things I love about this area that should only take you about 2 minutes to read. I love a challenge, even if it’s coming from myself. Enjoy, and comment where you feel passionate.

1. Lakes, lakes, lakes. Man, just how many lakes do we have? My favorites are Onondaga Lake, Lake Ontario and Green Lakes; what about you?

2. Seasons. I know many people gripe about winter and all our snow but we have 4 distinct seasons, even if we’re not sure when they’re coming or going.

3. Cost of living. Everyone thinks prices are too high where they live but if you go across the state and compare our prices to most places you’ll find that we’re living good.

4. Syracuse University Orange. Yeah, there are other colleges with other teams, but the Orange is the state’s college team, no matter what the sport is, and we get to see them live when we want to.

5. Carousel Mall / DestiNY USA. That sucker’s huge, just got bigger, and is the 7th largest mall in the nation, and it’s right here in Syracuse.

6. Turning Stone Casino. Even if you don’t gamble there’s lots of things to do at Turning Stone. Being right in the middle of the state, and allowing gaming for those between 18 and 21 is a major benefit other casinos can’t really touch.

7. New York State Fair. Come in, in the middle of the state, 2 weeks of all kinds of fun, food and music.

8. All terrain. We’ve got flat lands, mountains, valleys, swamps… frankly, if you’re bored you can drive literally minutes to find whatever you want.

9. Few natural disasters. Okay, we had a microburst once and a few times here and there over the past 15 years there’s been a tornado spotted. But we don’t have fires, hurricanes, devastating earthquakes, volcanoes, or anything else to worry about.

10. Fresh water. I started with lakes, and now I’m ending with water in general. In most disaster scenarios that scientists come up with, we end up being one of the safest areas in the country because of all the access to fresh water we have. Water is life, even if I can’t swim. 😉