This is the type of thing I’m glad I created this blog for. On Friday, which means tomorrow night, there’s going to be a tweetup in Syracuse at the Doubletree Hotel off Carrier Circle. The time is set from 6 – 8PM, and they’re planning games and treats and, of course, whatever you want to pay for to drink.

Tweetup by Scott Thomas Photography

In general I love tweetups. They can go from great to not-so-great, but for the most part they’ve been a lot of fun.

Having one at a hotel is a major first for us here in Syracuse. The very first one I went to was at Spaghetti Warehouse, the second at Empire Brewing Company, and both were mixed with an event planned by Syracuse First. Those weren’t bad, but I’d have to say that the one I had the most fun at was one at a place called Recess Coffee, where they actually have a telephone pole in the middle of one of their rooms, and even though they didn’t have anything I would eat or drink, upon reflection I wish I’d tried the Nutella hot chocolate; oh well…

What makes a great tweetup? Well, for one, not having people immediately break out into cliques. When the numbers are low that never happens, as I went to one where there were only 6 of us at Starbucks in Liverpool, but it was still fun. In a large group you’ll find that the excitement also keeps cliques from staying that way for long. Also, if you don’t already know someone personally you might recognize them by their Twitter name. How much fun it is meeting folks that have Twitter names that aren’t really their name, and to have them meet “Mitch” (okay, my Twitter name is me; so be it). Many times pictures don’t do people justice; that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

This one can’t be considered as a spur of the moment thing either. It started being planned months ago, though I wasn’t a part of it. That honor goes to Kevin Magdon, who works at the hotel, and Geoff Herbert, who works for That it’s not only being held at the hotel but is also kind of being hosted by the hotel is a much different thing entirely. I don’t know how the majority might feel about it, but any time anything is hosted at the Doubletree, where I can get my hands on one of their wonderful cookies, it’s a great thing. Thanks guys!

So come on Syracuse folks, it’s a Friday night, many of you were probably going out anyway, and it’s a quality place to be. Come on out, join the Syracuse Twitterati, network, have a great time, win prizes, and eat cookies! 😉