I’m not sure that everyone living in the Syracuse area has been to the William F. Walsh Regional Transportation Center off Park Street, in between Alliance Stadium and Carousel Mall, soon to be DestiNY USA. It replaced both the old bus station that used to be on Erie Boulevand and the Amtrak station that used to be out in East Syracuse. It seems it’s overseen by Centro, which I didn’t know until researching it, as you’ll be able to see from the link.

Regional Transportation Center I took the pictures you see here from a recent visit when my wife was taking a trip out of town by bus, Megabus to be more specific. It’s interesting because you have multiple ways of getting into the building, one bus area for the big boys, and Megabus picks people up and drops them off out front. The train area is to one side, which is gated in the evening (you’ll see that picture) and to the other side is their version of a combined waiting area and food court.

That’s the area that’s much different than what either of the other two places used to have. Some people might not think of either Subway or Dunkin’ Donuts as quality food choices, but compared to what was previously offered, which was only vending machines, I think it’s a major step up. And if you happen to get there earlier in the day there’s a store where you can buy all sorts of stuff.

To me, one of the big things is that it’s much cleaner than the other locations used to be. What I’m not sure of is if homeless people are allowed to crash inside ever, although I have seen a few sleeping outside the facility. In the old Greyhound station I used to see a lot of people sleeping both inside and outside that weren’t waiting for buses.

It’s proximity to the mall has to be a great draw as well, and it makes me think how much better things would have been for outside visitors if they had built that hotel like they were supposed to do. Oh well… Anyway, if you’ve never seen any of it I hope you’ve enjoyed the images.