I’ll say it up front, I live in the Liverpool area, so my favorite spots are relatively close to me… relatively that is. Gannon’s could possibly be really good but I’ve only ever been there once in my life and I had a milkshake because someone else paid for it, and it wasn’t the best milkshake ever.

With that said, as I sit out of town on a consulting gig and only come home weekends here and there, my appreciation for the art of soft ice cream cones and delights has grown immeasurably and part of me wishes I was home all summer to enjoy it. The other part of me is looking at a different in temperature sometimes or as much as 30 degrees and saying that there are pros and cons to everything.

So below are my favorite 3 places and what I like from them. Unfortunately, I only have an image of one of them, and then only what I got there from that place which puts them on this list. I’m sure you’ll have your favorites and your reasons for that; let’s see what you have to say.

1. Emmi’s. It’s on Buckley Road across from the Ramada Inn and just shy of the 7th North Street corner, right next to the big vegetable and fruit stand. The guy must be a marketing genius because he hires young and very pretty girls to deliver the sweet treats. However, I’m an old guy, so I’m not driving 10 minutes away to look at pretty young things, but for the orange/vanilla twist cone. I get a small because they pile a lot of ice cream on top as it is, but the thing about it is it’s smooth, as opposed to most places where the sherbet part has ice crystals in it. My wife also likes it, so it makes for a nice trip out and a nice trip back. update – turns out it’s actually called Antonio’s lol

2. Big Dip. This bad boy on Route 11 in North Syracuse been around for decades and for me it’s made a resurgence this year with the emergence of their latest treat which I love, the fluffernutter sundae. It’s a combination of soft peanut butter flavored ice cream, marshmallow sauce, peanut butter sauce, chocolate sauce (that’s my addition), whipped cream and a cherry. Absolutely fabulous; I have dreams about this thing.

3. Vicky’s Tasty Treats. Another place I’ve loved for decades, on the corner of Old Liverpool Road and Electronics Parkway, it offers the best chocolate/vanilla twist cone in the area. I also love their uber large chocolate shakes, which I rarely order and yet it’s a wonderful treat when I decide to go for it.

That’s all I have; let’s see what you have to say.