I’ve been having problems with one of my legs for quite awhile now. It was just numbness for the longest time, but in the last six months I experience both burning and pain here and there. So I finally went to the doctor, had my first back x-ray ever, and got a diagnosis of arthritis in my back. The solution; physical therapy.

Thus, I ended up at Crouse Physical Therapy on Route 57, 7375 Oswego Road, right across the street from my favorite restaurant, Pier 57. I went to the same place back in 2003 when I was having problems with my back, and this time around it’s not my back that hurts (well, at least it wasn’t).

The same lady that worked on me last time is still there, but I have a different therapist now. Also, they’ve redone the entire place, such that if I hadn’t known the location, I’d have thought I was in the wrong place.

As you can see from the few images I was able to take, it looks a lot more like a gym now than it did back in the day. Back then, it looks like… well, physical therapy, the kind you’d see in a hospital. Twice a week I go there and get put through a series of exercises that are pretty close to the same type I did 9 years ago. Strange as it seems, because of walking and going to my own gym now I’m in better shape, and even though I sweat and feel like I’ve gone through a full workout, it’s not all as strenuous as my own workouts are.

But they’re harder because it’s all about stretching as much as the weight lifting, and that’s an area I’ve always been remiss about. The first day the guy said to me I was the tightest person he’d seen in 3 years; I thanked him for the compliment. lol Now, well, I still can’t touch my toes, and my leg still hurts, but I’ve only had one leg cramp since I started therapy; it’s a beginning.

At this juncture we can’t figure out why I’m still having the problems I am, but I’ve actually had one day where I didn’t have any pain and very little numbness in my leg; only one day, but maybe something’s starting to happen.

In any case, it’s not a bad place to go if you live in the Liverpool area and need physical therapy.

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