This is day 26 of my blogging journey here on Syracuse Wiki, and I have to admit that I almost gave up this challenge after I had to deal with mother issues, which you might have seen in this post about taking responsibility for your parents. It would have been as easy “out” and pretty legitimate also.

blogging get together

Why have I continued writing then?

First, because 10 days ago I talked about this writing a post a day thing on one of my other blogs and most of the people who commented were, dare I say, sissies about it? lol If I’d given up I would have felt like one of them; that wasn’t happening.

Second, I actually got someone else to take on the challenge, which she started yesterday. If she actually writes 7 days a week I’m going to share a link here so others can see it and hopefully be inspired.

Third… Because blogging is a labor love… you’ve got to love blogging while realizing that it’s also laborious. Just because I’m doing this doesn’t mean I think blogging is easy. Blogging is hard for many reasons, which is why so many people are reluctant to do it on a consistent basis.

Yet, there are a lot of hard things people do that others say are tough. Running and jogging; man, that’s physically tough, yet there are a lot of people who do it.

Creating and building things, painting, learning how to play piano… all of those things are hard to learn, even for prodigies. Those people spend hours on it, and sometimes they’re not sure when they’re done or at their peak.

From my perspective, if you don’t love blogging then please don’t do it.

Don’t do it only to make money because you’re going to fail.

Don’t do it because you’re trying to enhance your business presence because you’re going to quit.

Don’t do it because someone like me told you how blogging can help you in so many ways.

Do it because you love it. Pick a topic or multiple topics, or just write because you love writing, and enjoy yourself. Do it for your business because you love what you do and can always think of great topics to write about. Make money from your blog because you encourage people to love the same things you do by writing about them.

Just don’t think it’s easy… because it’s not. I say that as someone who’s about to hit year #12 of blogging in February, when I switched from daily personal blogging which I started in 1999.

Hmmm… maybe it’s time for another local blogging meetup…