A couple of weeks ago, after a few days of hard workouts at the gym, my body and mind had decided I needed to get a massage. I don’t get massages all that often these days, but I pretty much knew where I was going to go. I’ve been promising a couple of people that the next time I got a massage I would be heading over to Armory Massage, of which I’ve heard a lot of good things about.

Of course, most of those good things start with the owner, one of my Twitter friends named Melissa (who kept ducking so I stole the image from her site lol). I’ve probably known her for at least a year and a half now because of Twitter, and we have met up a couple of times out at tweetup’s. I know a lot of people that have been there for a massage and everybody has always given glowing reviews so I knew I had to take my shot.

The first thing I realized is that the name of the business is a slight misnomer. Instead of being in the area that I would’ve considered as Armory Square it out on Fayette Street. However it’s on the same overall block as one quarter of Armory Square so I guess that counts.

When you walk in you immediately feel at peace. There’s soft music going on in the background and the place looks like it’s all about comfort. Well, except for the fact that the chairs in the waiting room are a bit short for tall people. 🙂 But once I got down into one it was very comfortable.

Melissa’s a true professional, which means she had someone else to my massage. Enter the lovely Larissa (who closed her eyes; shame lol), tiny thing that I knew could hurt me in an instant if I didn’t say anything. I’m a “pain sissy”, so I told her that I didn’t want a hard or firm massage, just one to help me relax. I went into the room, disrobed to my comfort, and it was on.

No, I didn’t fall asleep, but if I hadn’t been concentrating on it I could have. It was wonderful, and it would have been perfect if my left thigh hadn’t fallen asleep on me when I was on my back, which is a common occurrence for me when I get massages. I think it has something to do with needing pillows under my knees and possibly my back, as I have an old back injury that crops up from time to time. Larissa said that one can always ask for more pillows, as I only asked for one to put my head on to relieve some stress in my neck.

Some people are a bit hinky about massages but not me. There’s nothing wrong with relaxation and massage has been proven to have all sorts of health benefits, both physical and mental.

The cost was, I believe, $70 for an hour, and I tipped $15; one doesn’t have to tip but it’s not a bad idea if you plan on ever going again. By the way, I think there’s kind of a standard of tipping 10 – 15% for services such as this, hairdressers, etc. Anyway, I have no qualms about getting another massage from them, and I can honestly say I highly recommend them.

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