I know, Christmas is past and most of us are ready for warmer weather. I thought about having this post closer to the holiday but I didn’t want to take a chance on the masses (I know, there aren’t masses reading this yet but one day…) deciding to try to find this area, or pester the guy who I think puts it up. He lives close to Jim Kenyon though, so maybe one day Jim will use his investigative powers and put it on the evening news. 🙂

Every year for the holiday season someone puts up some decorative touches in a sparse, wooden section next to this house that’s also next to a walking path that separates a portion of the Elmcrest housing area from the Grenadier Village apartment complex in Liverpool. This year was no different, and my wife and I actually thought that he expanded it somewhat with the use of the cardinals (the red birds) being a nice touch. I couldn’t remember him adding actually gift boxes in the past either, but you can see them fairly prominent here.

You see fewer homes putting up Christmas decorations these days, and though I think it’s a shame, I also understand it because of the high cost of electricity and, well, if you don’t have kids you might not think about it. My wife and I only put up a couple of metal trees wrapped with a short string of lights as our holiday decoration because the elderly couple across the street like looking out at them.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the picture above and the two images below, which are of the same thing, only from a different perspective. I love creativity.


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