Last week I stopped at the local grocer to buy some foodstuffs, and decided I wanted to pick up some eggs. Imagine my shock when I saw that the cost of a dozen large eggs was $3.75. The last time I’d bought eggs, which was a few months earlier, I purchased a dozen extra large eggs for $1.75. I asked a guy working in the area about the cost and he told me the problem was international, which affected our country, and that raised the price dramatically. I decided not to buy eggs at that time.

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Later, upon reflection, I started to think that maybe I’d been a bit too hasty with that decision. When all is said and done, even if I’d eaten 2 eggs by themselves, the cost of my overall meal would have only been 62 cents. Sure, it’s more than the 29 cents those same 2 eggs would have cost me before but really, is that a killer of my finances?
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In a way, this is how it all started. Years earlier I wrote an article titled Dealing With Adult Parents. At that point, I was starting to notice that Mom’s habits and memory seemed to be changing a bit. It was scary, but I tried putting a positive spin on it; most of us are […]

I originally wrote this back in 2015. I feel it’s still pertinent, and I want it to reach more people than it did back then. At the time, I was alerted to a video made by a young lady named Cassie Ho. She’s a fitness authority who’s made a lot of videos on YouTube helping […]

Who hasn’t gone to Best Buy at least once to buy something? In many cities like my own, it’s the only place where you can go to buy a computer other than the Apple store, and since I’m not a Mac guy, it’s where I go. I also buy many other electronics there, although with […]

I pay almost all of my bills online, and I also get a lot of notifications through email telling me when the new bill has been generated. Sometimes the bill tells me how much I owe, sometimes it doesn’t. Still, in general I feel I’ve got anything I owe covered at least 99% of the […]