I’ve known Isaac for many years now, and I’ve always enjoyed his art. I’ve been to a couple of shows of his talent and others are always impressed as well. I think it helps us to have the opportunity to meet talented people in our area, especially since, if I call this one right, Isaac could blow up and be so big that he’ll never talk to any of us again. But before he goes that far let’s meet him through this series of interview questions I asked him:

1. When did you know you could draw?

Well, I did my first drawing at the age of two.. and the weird thing is, you can actually tell what it is. A scribbly clown that my mom has to this day. I didn’t fully understand I could draw, until I was in elementary school. In second grade we had an assignment to draw the Mona Lisa, I was surprised to see my marker drawing placed in the center of everyone else’s. My elementary teacher really supported me.

2. Did you have any other interests that almost took you away from art?

Yes! Ladies, ladies, ladies ….and the drinking. Luckily I toned that down a lot.

3. Where did you study art after high school?

Essentially on my own. Unfortunately, my high school teacher didn’t support me…in all actuality, she would say some rather rude things to me. The strange thing is, now she sings my praises whenever I see her. So in high school I did my own thing, after high school I still did my own thing. I went to a community college directly after high school and that was a mess. I wasn’t ready for academics at that time. Fast forward a few years, and I received by B.A. in art and my B.S. in Marketing, soon to hopefully followed by my M.F.A.


4. What’s it like having your art shown in public, and where has it been shown in central New York?

Like a rock star, or at least how they must feel. It’s interesting have a solo art exhibition with a good turn out. All these great people come out to see all your hard work and talk to you. It’s really flattering. As for exhibitions in CNY, I’ve been fortunate to have my work everywhere I wanted and some. I’ve been everywhere from The Art Association (Oswego), C2 (Syracuse) and most recently at Eve Gallery (E.Syracuse) in a duet show with longtime art pal, Cayetano Valenzuela.

5. How do models react when they see themselves as a graphic depiction?

Elated, which is a good thing. Drawing a model is scary business. Here they are getting paid to look beautiful, and as an artist I need to keep them looking great and some.

6. Have you had the opportunity to travel outside of the central New York area to exhibit your art?

I have. This past April I had the chance to fly out to San Francisco for a Burlesque art show. It was a real game changer. After doing that show I really started to push myself. Just over this past month and a half, I’ve had works in San Francisco, L.A., San Diego, and Philadelphia.

7. Who are some artists whose work you like that inspires you?

If you asked me this a year ago I would have named some bigger artists like James Jean or Paul Pope. I still think they’re amazing, but recently I’ve been really enjoying new, emerging talent….artist like Conrad Roset, Charmaine Olivia, and Rudy Faber.

8. Do you get a lot of support from your family for what you do?

They pretty much always have, but even more so now. The more shows and publications I get, seems to validate what I’m doing, which is always nice.

9. Where would you like your career to go in your industry?

Honestly, I’m living my dream now. I really wish I made more (doesn’t everyone), so I could lose my part time job and just live and breath art. But I’ve been doing everything I’ve wanted to do. There’s a couple of galleries I haven’t tried to get into yet, that I’ll be contacting soon….I think I’ll also try to get more shows on the East Coast, even though NYC’s art scene is…”interesting”.

10. If you have one of those big fancy openings where the “pretty people” are coming just to see you, can I come and get in for free?

You know it Mitch!

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