I have 5 blogs of my own, including this one. With each blog, I like to do some kind of year end review of what I consider as my favorite posts, my most important posts, etc. That’s my attempt with this blog as well.

The problem is that many of the posts I write on this blog are either about restaurants or a lot of personal stuff. I’m thinking that restaurant reviews, while great for restaurants I like and probably not as much for those I don’t like, aren’t necessarily great writing or even personal favorites, no matter how much I might like the restaurant. And really, just how important are personal posts anyway?

Luckily, I said favorite, and that means I get to make my own rules for what I want to select. This blog was created in 2011, and not counting this one, I’ve written 53 posts to date. This isn’t my most active blog by any means, but I’m hoping it will get to be more active; guess I need to leave the house more, and I don’t only mean restaurants, although my next couple of posts will probably be more restaurant reviews.

In either case, I’ve found 5 articles I’m going to highlight for whatever reason I want to use to highlight them. I hope you decide they’re worth looking at, and if not, at least I hope you look at this post and this blog because there will be more stuff come 2012. And if the Mayans are wrong… well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Here I go:

I Hate Syracuse.com! – this post got the 2nd most comments of all my blog posts from the year; the number one post was a bad restaurant review. It got the most from people who didn’t live in the area, which is interesting; proves to me that local people either didn’t read the post or didn’t want their names associated with it, as it was controversial. It wasn’t that I actually hated the site or the newspaper as much as a rant against sites like it allowing the types of horrid comments they do, all for advertisers.

Filing A Small Claims Suit In Syracuse – I had to take someone to small claims court this year and I found the process I had to go through just to get the claim filed kind of interesting and irritating, and decided to share the process with the good folks of central New York.

5 Things To Address New York’s Financial Crisis – I’m not afraid to take my shot at helping our state get out of financial trouble so I offered some suggestions that I knew no one would pat any attention to; at least my local buddy Phil did.

5th Anniversary Of Twitter Tweetup Kickball Game – the 2nd post I wrote on this blog talked about a bad experience at a local tweetup that “wasn’t”, so this was me talking about an interestingly entertaining tweetup that was, and was lots of fun at the same time. Probably the most interesting thing about this post was that there were about 18 or so people there, most on Twitter, I mentioned them and linked to them, and the only comment it got was from a friend of mine that wasn’t even there, and I know they all saw it because I gave the link to each of them on Twitter; shame. lol

Our Tribute To Kathy – I dealt with two crises this year in different respects. My grandmother passed away and I wrote about that on this blog and this blog. I decided to write about my friend Kathy from college on this blog since I met some of our mutual friends for kind of a tribute get together in Oswego, and I got to talk about how things have changed.

And that’s that; well, not quite. Even though I didn’t create it for this blog, I’m attaching a video that I created near the beginning of the year so those of you who don’t know me can see me, and those of you that do but have never seen me in a video can catch me on a minor Jerry Seinfeld’ish rant. It’s very short as I’m still relatively new doing videos, but I think it’s a nice touch to end this type of post. Probably at least one more post this year, and then onward and upward; enjoy the holiday.


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