The other night I did a live Google Hangout interview with Joanne Del Balso of No Fuss Accounting. We didn’t talk accounting, although I’m sure it would have been fascinating (uhhh lol). Instead, we talked social media, which for both of us is more of a passion than what we actually do to make money.

Here in the Syracuse area there are basically three groups of people. One is the bunch who believes that we’re the center of everything social media and way better than most of the rest of the world; turns out that’s not true unfortunately. The second group are those who talk a lot about it but when all is said and done, they’re really not going to do anything with it because they don’t care more than a passing fancy. The third group are those who aren’t sure about it, or know something about it and want to learn more, whether for business or personal use.

That’s where Joanne and I come in, only her connections and activity are much greater than mine. She’s given way more seminars locally on the subject, especially to women’s groups, and has experimented with way more new social media services, websites and applications than I have. She also has a training room where she can conduct many of her training programs; now that’s pretty neat.

If you’re from central New York, since that’s who this blog is geared towards, and you want to her some opinions about social media in general, or just want to see what someone local has to say about it, check out the interview below:



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