JessiCakes Bakery in Baldwinsville provides both large desserts and specialized desserts such as wedding cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other dessert catering needs. They don’t do things like donuts and pastries, which might make you think they’re offerings are limited, but they have a lot of options that consumers might like to take advantage of.

Jessicakes desserts

One of the strangest gripes I’ve had about the central New York area is that I hadn’t been able to find a proper brownie until I found this place. A lot of brownies in this area are what I call “wet cakes with nuts” rather than brownies, which are a little dryer and offer a nice, chewy bite. They offer large brownies, with the two most common being their peanut butter brownie and an Oreo’s brownie. You can see in the image (along with a monster rice krispies treat), these things are the size of my hand.

In the normal world, one of their brownies would be considered as 4 brownies. The Oreo’s brownie comes with a dollop of frosting in the middle and an Oreo cookie on top of that, whereas the peanut butter brownie will come with a Reese’s peanut butter cup embedded in it and peanut butter frosting spread out on top of it, although if you get to them before they’ve completed decorating them you can have the frosting and cookie left off the Oreo & the peanut butter cup left off the other. I have to say that I absolutely love their brownies, and I’m willing to pay what they cost. I’ll get into the cost of these things in a minute.

They also make very big cookies, but I’m not as big a fan of these. When compared to a half moon from Harrison Bakery the flavor isn’t quite the same and Harrison win’t every time. I’ll admit that I did love the first Heath bar cookie that I had, but I’ve never seen it on subsequent visits so I don’t believe it’s one of their normal creations. However, my mother loves the cookies so I still buy them on occasion.

I have yet to buy a cupcake, but it looks like they make them in bunches so that they would work well for scheduled events and weddings. I have seen some of their wedding cake designs and Jessi is a master at it. One of these days, if I ever go to a wedding again, I hope to see one of these cakes so I can get a sample and find out what it takes like.

They also make ice cream cookies like ice cream sandwiches, and their ice cream is Hershey brand, which I like a lot. They have a lot of other specialty desserts, but I couldn’t tell you what they are because I’ve never purchased any of them. One of these years I will expand my knowledge of desserts so that I can better tell everybody what they taste like.

Because they do a lot of catering, some of their hours are little strange. For instance, on Tuesday they don’t open until noon and they stay open until 8 PM. Most of the days they open at nine and close around six. Luckily there also open on Saturdays and Sundays for a period of time in case you need a quick dessert six.

Now let’s talk about price. I told you about the size of the brownies, but what I didn’t mention is that there five dollars each when fresh. Considering their size, I would come to about $1.25 per serving when compared to other brownies. In my mind that’s not a bad price. Their large cookies start at three dollars, but sometimes they make a cookie a little smaller that comes in at $2.50. Every once in a while, they have something left over until the next day, and on those occasions they will sell those items at a reduced price. The reduction can be as much is 50%, and that’s a great deal because for most people cookies don’t go stale after a day LOL

Obviously I’m recommending that you give JessiCakes a shot to see what you think about them. They don’t have a website but they do have a Facebook page where you can check out some of their designs. I’m now in the mode where I have to cut back on some of my desserts, but if I go once every couple of weeks I don’t think that would be so bad. 🙂

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