I’m not sure the pictures I’m going to share here tells the entire story. On one of my walks at Onondaga Lake Park, I finally paid attention to the trees and noticed some of the colors were finally changing. I usually pay attention to things like that but for whatever reason I just hadn’t noticed it.

As you can see in one of these pictures, the people who put up Lights on the Lake have already moved a few things out to get ready to put them up. For people not from central New York, this is a lights display that runs through part of the winter at the lake, and when there’s snow it offers a great contrast. My wife and I went last year when there wasn’t any snow and it just didn’t seen the same.

Of course the temperatures are getting cooler, yet anything between 55° and 75° is fine with me, as long as the wind isn’t blowing off the lake too heavily. It’s always beautiful, and I hope the pictures I’m showing here helps to convey that.


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