A few months ago my wife and I stopped at a place called The Guest House. She wanted to see the layout for how to present her dichroic jewelry for some kind of show where many people were going to be sharing their wares. I stayed in the car while she went inside, but within a few minutes she’d opened the front door and waved me inside and introduced me to Sharron Pearson, the owner.

The Guest House

To say I was astonished with what I was seeing would be an understatement. Both of us thought it would look like a lot of empty space. Instead, it looked likes the inside of a very nicely decorated house. Later on I found out there’s an upstairs that’s decorated and laid out nicely for larger groups and parties.

The pictures I’m sharing will tell a bit more, but here’s what I saw and my opinion on it. The main purpose of the Guest House is to hold events that one might hold in a house with a larger layout of space, in case your home doesn’t have a large open space or you live in an apartment. There’s a large living room space and a couple other rooms it leads into, along with a kitchen where you can put all your food and drink (there’s no stove or a full sized refrigerator, but there’s hot plates to keep foods warm and a small refrigerator). It also comes with a 55″ TV and is decorated in a very classy manor.
Guest House livingroom
That’s only part of it. On the other side of the house is a meeting space that can hold up to 40 people. There’s also a small room people can rent for 3 hours at a time if they want a cool and comfortable place to work. The entire building has free wi-fi for all visitors there for events. There’s also the entire upstairs, which I mentioned before.

My wife liked it so much that she’s started scheduling a bi-weekly meeting there to show off her Kangen Water Filtration System along with this other couple every other Thursday around 6PM. She also loves showing people around the place, and she says that everyone who sees it loves it like I did.

I can only tell so much about it because I’ve only been there once and only for about 20 minutes. If you want more information about the facility and their rates you can call either 315-437-7091 or 315-715-2388.

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