Before I tell this tale, I want to say up front that I will not be naming the company that I believe tried to scam my wife and I, as well as some other things. The reason I’m not naming the company is because overall we can’t prove certain things. Otherwise, this is a true […]

This isn’t necessarily a post about Syracuse or Central New York, but it is something that concerns us, as well as other cold areas. I’ve just finished conducting an experiment that has confirmed what I should have already known, but didn’t. Hopefully, this will help you save money as well. You see that heater to […]

I’ve been getting this stupid 800 number phone call for a couple of months now and just ignored it. It was coming in on my business line, which made it kind of easy to dismiss, and they never left a message. But it’s been getting on my nerve so finally I decided to answer it […]