One night I was driving around trying to find a place to get some seafood. My wife mentioned that she had seen a sign in a plaza in Liverpool and I thought I remembered that there might be a fish place off Old Liverpool Road. We drove over there and encountered The Fish Company at […]

It might seem like all I talk about on this blog are restaurants throughout central New York, and honestly that’s not true. They’re just the easiest things to talk about because I go to so many restaurants. Such was the case when I decided to try out Limp Lizard. Limp Lizard is a restaurant that […]

I almost hate having to write this one, but the story needs to be told. Not necessarily because I was overly unhappy but because of what happened to my friend Kelvin. Is this a cautionary tale? Stick around and tell me after you read this. I had been hearing good things about Village Burger on […]