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Posts Tagged ‘Liverpool NY restaurants’

China 88 Restaurant Is A Keeper!

Finally! For the last few years I’ve been looking for a Chinese restaurant in the Liverpool area that was at least passable. Now there’s one that I actually like a lot, and it appears I’m not the only one.

four seasonsIn the same space next to Aldi’s on Route 57 in Liverpool, a space previously held by first Kawa Japanese Restaurant and then Fu Wa Asian Restaurant now sits China 88 Restaurant… and it’s definitely a keeper! Read the rest of this entry »

Two Great Restaurant Stories In Liverpool

I eat out a lot; some of you can probably tell that by my numerous posts about restaurants. In the last couple of weeks I’ve had some outstanding customer service occur, neither time where I was expecting anything to happen but the staff and management was so nice and took great initiative that I felt overwhelmed with how nice people can really be.

chicken wings Twin Trees

The first story involves Twin Trees on Route 57, which is kind of just across the street from where I live. Around 4 years ago I wrote an article about them saying that it wasn’t a bad restaurant but that it would never become my favorite. For once I have to eat my words because, indeed, it has become my favorite restaurant in the area. I love the people working there, and I love how well they take care of me… and I obviously love the food.

With that said, a couple of weeks ago I was there with my wife for an early dinner. I ordered a 7″ mini pizza and 6 wings, which she ordered the buffet. I got my pizza first, which they know I like, and was halfway through it when the wings came. I always order them the same way, honey barbecue but not overcooked, as I like them meaty instead of crunchy. This time around they came crunchy.

Someone else delivered the wings instead of the waitress. When she saw them, knowing me, she said that she’d order me new ones. However, I was actually feeling pretty good after eating the pizza, so I said I was good, and my wife said she’d take the wings we had home to eat later.

At that point I thought it was over, but within a few minutes she’s not only brought me a dozen wings the way I like them to take home, but she’d gotten permission from management to give me a credit for the wings. I was stunned, my wife was impressed, and I left a big tip, knowing that I’d just had one of the best customer service experiences I’d ever had. That’s the power of going to a place you love often, because the people there will take care of you and go the extra mile to keep you happy.

That’s not bad, right? Luckily, it turned out I had another happy adventure, which happened this past Saturday night.


I’d had dinner at Twin Trees Friday night, and I don’t usually go to the same restaurant 2 days in a row unless I’m going with someone else. I was in the mood for prime rib, and the only place in town that I know serves it well is Longhorn Steakhouse, up on Route 31. They slow cook it throughout the day so that it’s very tender, and it’s the only place in the area where I know I can ask for a well done piece and not get something as hard as charcoal.

I got my meal and started eating it. I thought it looked a little small but I also know that sometimes meat shrinks. It was still very tasty, and with the garlic mashed potatoes I enjoyed it immensely.

Just as I was finishing the steak, the waitress came by with another 12 oz prime rib and said “The manager didn’t like the size of the first prime rib I brought out so he wants you to have another one.” Wow! This means I ate the equivalent of 24oz of prime rib, which I didn’t even know I could put away (not counting the fat of course) and it didn’t cost me anything extra.

Can you imagine how well treated I felt? That was twice in about a week and a half that I’d had a great experience, one at a native restaurant and one from a chain. Oh yeah; I tipped very well once again.

We really do have some of the nicest people in the country here in central New York. I’ll admit that when I moved to the area 41 years ago it felt like one of the most reserved places I’d ever lived in. I’m glad to call this area my home, and I’m glad to call out great customer service I received at two local restaurants.

Thanks y’all! 🙂  

Twin Trees In Liverpool; Not Bad

Twin Trees in Liverpool has always been in my top 3 as far as pizza goes in this area. I love the way they cut the pizza up but I’ve always loved how it tastes as well. If they ever add hamburger as a topping they might have a shot at moving into the number one spot. 🙂

With that said, for decades they had this small space on the western side of Route 57, which pretty much meant that you picked up your food and went home. I’m sure they thrived in that environment for a long time, but at some point they had the opportunity to expand into the space created by a restaurant that left in Bayberry Plaza, right across the street, a space that used to be the location of the movie theater that, in its last gasp, showed Star Wars for 69 straight weeks.

Thus, Twin Trees became a full fledged restaurant like all the rest, and they finally had an opportunity to show what they could do. It still has a take out side, but the restaurant part includes booth seating in the bar area in front, along with one of those fancy new jukeboxes, and extra seating in the back area, which looks and feels more like a true restaurant. In the back area is where they also have a small salad bar and a pizza bar, which is pretty convenient for lunch but is also open for dinner.

Before I get to the meal, let me briefly talk about the decor. Truthfully, I think it’s a little too dark because of the dark green paint on the walls. I always thought it was because I hate the color green, but since I’ve started watching this show called Restaurant Impossible I realize that I’m not incorrect on this point. This guy Robert Irvine, a world class chef with large arms, goes in and helps failing restaurants prosper, and something he always changes is dark decor, where other restaurants have painted their walls a dark green as well, and adds a lighter, more inviting color.

On this particular day I decided that since I’d already had the pizza numerous times that I wanted to try something different. I went with the fried shrimp and fries dinner, which also came with the salad bar. I had a small salad, but something I actually love is that they had chocolate pudding on the salad bar, and it was good. Probably not homemade, but it reminded me of the chocolate pudding that Ruby Tuesdays used to have on their salad bar before they made a corporate decision some years ago to remove it.

Finally my food came and I have to say it was fantastic. The shrimp was fried just right, lightly breaded, which I like better than the beer battered kind, and the fries were perfect as well. The waitress was nice and kept my glass of diet soda filled with both soda and ice.

I can’t say it’s gourmet after one meal, and it won’t replace Pier 57 as far as being my favorite restaurant, but it’s a great alternative if I want a different eating experience for a change, and less than 200 yards from Friendly’s if I’m craving dessert.    

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