A couple of weeks ago I went to the latest soul food restaurant to take its shot at survival in the Syracuse area. Sharon’s Restaurant on Danforth Street has the chance to be big, as they already have some things in place to give them a shot at making it.

Let’s start with size. Sharon’s has a lot of space. There’s the main restaurant area that has seating for at least 100 people or more. Next is the party room that can handle a group of any size that wants to put on something special, including a small wedding reception. They have plenty of parking in a lot across the street and a lot behind the restaurant, and you can park on the street as well.

Next, the food. It was very good, and it looked good as you can see from the pictures. The corn was a surprise to me because it tasted like creamed corn even if it wasn’t creamed corn, and that was very delicious as well. The yams… oh yeah, those bad boys were great also. My wife and her friend had other food, which you’ll see in the other picture; mine was the one with ribs on the plate. She’d ordered fried cabbage, something I like, and it tasted pretty good. The chicken tasted pretty good; heck, it all tasted pretty good.

Sharon’s also has a small bar and, well, okay, a little pool table that I think is one of those quarter tables, although the price has probably gone up since back in the day. I figure it’s just something extra to do to break up just sitting in the bar listening to music or watching the game on the big screen TV, as they had a football game on while I was there, and there’s a second TV where the pool table is.

The food’s good, and Sharon’s has been open about 6 or 7 months by now. I’m hoping that everyone at least takes a shot at going there and that, for once, a soul food restaurant will sustain itself in the Syracuse area. It’s a place for everyone; go!

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