Last Thursday I went to my very first ever ribbon cutting for a business. I say it that way because I participated many years ago in a ribbon cutting for a new area in a hospital but this was more special than that.

ribbon cutting ceremonyThe event was for the new opening of Eagle Tavern in the Sugarwood Commons Plaza located at 7575 Buckley Rd; I’m never sure whether that area is considered Liverpool or North Syracuse. Anyway, it’s in the middle of a strip plaza and they serve food and drinks, including a bar with a couple of large screen TVs at each end, which I assume they’re hoping turns into its own type of sports bar on weekends.

It was very interesting in that both the Liverpool Chamber and representatives of Centerstate CEO were there, and being a member of the Liverpool Chamber allowed me to be a part of it in my own way. While outside, before the ribbon was cut, I was one of the people who got noticed as being a chamber member by Lucretia Hudzinski, the executive director of the Chamber; not sure if that will show up anywhere.

Going back inside, I’ll admit that it’s a bit dark during the day, and since I haven’t seen it in the evening I don’t know if it drastically brightens up or not. There was one of those little modern jukeboxes in there and a plastic dart board; I don’t think that even with plastic I’d want to be sitting in the booth near it if someone decided to play a game.

The menu looks pretty interesting, so I’ll have to check it out one of these days for lunch, as they open around 11:30. It did cost $2 for my soda, which seems to be the going rate these days, so I only had the one.

Arleen Hallock is the owner, and I asked her why she wanted to try to open such an establishment in that area, which, other than the Chinese takeout, would be the first type of restaurant in that area ever. She said she lived close and wanted a place of her own that was still close enough to take care of her kids and hopefully set up a great future for them.

I hope it succeeds so that it’ll give others something new to think about. There are so many plazas in both the Liverpool and North Syracuse areas that are just sitting there with no real businesses, and things like this, if they take off, could be what the doctor ordered.

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