I almost hate having to write this one, but the story needs to be told. Not necessarily because I was overly unhappy but because of what happened to my friend Kelvin. Is this a cautionary tale? Stick around and tell me after you read this.

I had been hearing good things about Village Burger on Old Liverpool Road in Liverpool. It replaced the old McDonalds that’s been closed for years and had been sitting there empty for the most part. And replacing one of the top fast food burger joints with a local burger joint that serves specialty burgers sounds like a great deal.

I call up Kelvin and say we have to go. He says he doesn’t have a lot of time but why not. I make a quick stop elsewhere and say where I’m going for lunch, and the lady tells me that I’m going to enjoy whatever I order.

I get there first and take a look inside. The place looks packed, and when I check the line it’s almost outside the door. That’s both a good and bad sign in my mind; good because it seems people might like it, bad because I know this means it might take a little while before getting our food. Kelvin shows up and we go in, barely being able to stand inside.

The line is going slow, and this gives Kelvin and me time to talk and to look around. At one point Kelvin steps out of line and goes to talk to one of the ladies that’s taking orders and calling out numbers to deliver the food. When he comes back he tells me that he saw one of the people working in the back handling the french fries, sprinkling salt on them without wearing the plastic gloves. We all know this is mandated in our county, and it’s comforting knowing that people are wearing them, even though it’s something to get used to when we’re not in our own area. Anyway he mentioned it to this lady, and I saw her go back and mention it to the guy.

We eventually get up to order our food after 10 minutes. He orders a 1/4 cheeseburger with bacon, I order a 1/2 pound burger with fries and we decide to split some onion rings. Then we get a spot to sit and we wait.

And we wait, and we wait, and we wait. Forty minutes later our number is called, and I go up to get the food. As soon as I take a look at his burger I already know there’s going to be trouble. If you look at the picture you’ll see why; it’s barely there. He sees it, goes back up to the counter to show them what he got, the the woman says it was measured and that’s how it comes out. When compared to what I got it was a major shame. I certainly didn’t get a full 1/2 pound burger either, but I figure mine cooked down some. His wasn’t close to half of mine, as you can see.

But in the picture you see something else as well. It seems they went the extra step of burning cheese onto the bottom of his burger, just to rub it in. It looked fine on top but I asked him what this strange looking crusty stuff was on the side and that’s what it turned out to be.

Was this payback for his mentioning the gloves? It sure seems like it was made personal. As for the food… The burger was just a burger, kind of dry, nothing special. The fuss must be for all the specialty stuff, as I saw they made patties (in my mind if it’s not hamburger it’s a patty) out of turkey, sausage, and a couple other things, and they have some unique toppings as well. The french fries were pretty good, and the onion rings were superb. Kelvin wouldn’t eat the fries after seeing someone touch fries earlier but even he liked the onion rings, which I had him put a small one next to the burger to show just how tiny it really was.

The only bright spot for Kelvin was that I paid for the meal. That’s why it becomes a bad experience for me because he got ripped off and I’m the one who paid for it; something definitely not right about that.

By the way, I found this pretty interesting. It seems that there were some bad reviews written on a site called Yelp that almost magically disappeared, being left with only one pretty good review. People just don’t learn that stuff never really disappears off the internet unless you try harder, so I have this link to other bad reviews that seem to mirror what I’ve said. That’s just to prove that mine wasn’t a bad review because I wanted to make it personal.

Nope, won’t be going back to Village Burger, and now you also know why I didn’t give them a link. If there aren’t improvements I can’t see them lasting all that long. How many of you have the time to wait 50 minutes or so for a lunch you might not get to eat, or might not have a place to sit after the fact? I guess it’s back to Burger King for me. 🙂


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