When I first moved to New York, one of the first restaurants I discovered was Friendly’s. For those of you who aren’t in the know, Friendly’s is a combination restaurant/ice cream parlor, very old style, which has its own special ice cream brand of tastiness that’s out of this world.

I have to admit that when I was first going it never even occurred to me that they had regular food. I tend to be that way; I only pay attention to what I like. As a matter of fact, I moved to New York for the second time in 1975 and didn’t realize there was another Friendly’s in the area until more than 10 years later, even though I’d been near some of those locations. Right now I believe there was 8 or 9 locations still around in the Syracuse area, but I’m not totally sure about that figure.

Therefore, it was quite distressing last week when I read that the corporation is going to be filing bankruptcy. They haven’t announced if any will be closing, but that’s usually how it happens. I’ve got one Friendly’s restaurant at the end of my street, but there are two others that I’m less than 7 minutes away from, and oddly enough those two are about a mile apart. I don’t know what nutcase decided to do that but I’m figuring that if they start closing any of the restaurants at least one of those has to be on the chopping block.

I’m hoping it’s not the one I love to go to, one of the older ones, at 7560 Oswego Road in Liverpool, where the people know me and have always been, well, very friendly to me. Of course I tend to ask for their normal desserts in some very strange ways. For instance, you’ll see an ice cream sundae here. I get mine with 3 to 5 scoops, depending on how much of a pig I’m feeling like on that day. I always mix my ice cream flavors if I get the 5 scoops and I ask for chocolate sauce, peanut butter sauce, marshmallow sauce (sometimes cherry marshmallow sauce, like I got in the picture), then more peanut butter sauce; I can never get enough peanut butter sauce.

Then there’s the other dessert, the monster that someone once told me will kill me. It’s a lava cake, but it’s got peanut butter sauce instead of chocolate sauce in the middle. It comes with 3 scoops of ice cream but I need 5 scoops, which I also mix up. I can’t figure out why people think it’s so strange to mix peppermint and peanut butter, but that’s what I do, 3 scoops of peppermint stick ice cream with 2 scoops of Reese’s peanut butter cup ice cream, and extra peanut butter sauce added into the mix. Man, that’s heaven to me!

Of course they also serve food, but I almost always eat the same thing, which is their fish & chips basket. That comes with 5 pieces of cod and a heap of french fries. It also comes with cole slaw but I don’t like that so I substitute with either nasty broccoli if I feel like I need to be healthy (if my wife is with me) or corn, which I understand is another starch but hey, it’s corn!

However, every once in awhile I need a burger, so I’ll usually get a standard large hamburger, though once or twice I’ve ordered this monster, which one of my friends deemed as “food porn” once, which is a hamburger surrounded by two grilled cheese sandwiches; oh my goodness! No, I didn’t finish it, since I had to leave room for dessert.

I have lots of great memories of this, and other Friendly’s around the area, including Friendly’s in Oswego, Yonkers, and strangely enough, Hazleton PA. And I hope for plenty more memories, thus I’m pulling for the Friendly’s people to work out their money woes and continue on with what they’ve been doing. I have more ice cream to enjoy.

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