In my quest to find a good Chinese restaurant in the Liverpool area and a Japanese restaurant I like that’s just a little closer than Ichiban, my wife and I decided to try Fu Wa Asian Restaurant in Liverpool, in the plaza next to Aldi’s and the Red Cross. It’s also in the location where Kawa Restaurant was some years ago, and I absolutely loved their food.

Fu Wa offers both Chinese and Japanese food, including a variety of sushi’s. I rarely eat sushi because I’m not sure what I’m getting so my wife and I opted for a few more traditional things.

shrimp eggrolls

The first was deciding to share the shrimp eggrolls. As you can see, they looked pretty good. Unfortunately, neither of us could really taste them, as they didn’t have a lot of flavor. Also, there was a tiny shrimp tucked into each of these quarters… that was a bit disappointing also but even when we got to the shrimp we couldn’t taste it.

My wife decided to order the large wonton soup for dinner. I ordered salmon teriyaki along with fried rice. I didn’t have a lot of hope for the fried rice because I’d come before in the summer and ordered chow fried rice, and I had to add a lot of soy sauce just to get some flavor out of it. I also didn’t take a picture of either of these foods because wonton soup doesn’t photograph well, and the presentation of the salmon teriyaki was kind of pedestrian; nothing stood out so I didn’t think it was photo worthy.

My wife said she could barely taste the soup, and added soy sauce to it. That’s a bad sign because she rarely adds salt to anything. On my end, the salmon teriyaki tasted pretty good, but it’s rare to get bad teriyaki in any Japanese restaurants in town. However, the fried rice was as bland as I remembered it would be, so I brought half of it home and cooked it later on, adding my own touches to it.

I’m not really wondering why we were the only people in the restaurant at dinner time. They do offer take out services and are connected to GrubHub. I wish the flavor had been stronger across the board, but I can only offer an average rating for our overall meal experience.

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