It’s funny that I’ve never written a review of Mohegan Manor, which is located in Baldwinsville on Oswego Street; I’ll have to rectify that one day. In this case I’m writing about a visit I made to its basement clubhouse, which they call Club Sushi, and I have to admit that it was an accident that I found it.

Obviously, by the name they make sushi, which they only serve in the lower level. Me being me, I hardly eat sushi, and I wasn’t even paying attention to its being on the menu while I was there. Instead I first took in the ambiance, which is Asian influenced but not one specific thing. For instance, being inside never made me feel that I was at a Japanese restaurant, which is associated with sushi, and you can see the one image I’ve shared here is indicative of the types of things you’ll see inside. There was a little statue in there as well, but the picture didn’t come out all that well.

This was more like an old style coffeehouse than a traditional restaurant. There was a guy in front of me playing songs on his guitar, which the owner asked him to lower because it was a bit overwhelming, especially where I was sitting, and he wasn’t bad. People applauded occasionally and, as they got a bit more lubricated (you know what I mean) they applauded better. It reminded me of when I was in college at Oswego and there was a coffeehouse along the lake that was open on weekends.


I started off with an appetizer, some soup they called chirizo, although when I looked it up it said chirizo is supposed to be pork sausages. Hey, I don’t know, but this was the soup and yes, this was it full before I ate any of it. It was very tasty but there needed to be more, at least much closer to the top don’t you think? Anyway, it was tomato based and not spicy, which suits my palate to a tee, and had a different flavor to it than I’m used to, but since it was supposed to be a Mexican version of the meal and I don’t eat a lot of Mexican food (everyone tells me Taco Bell doesn’t count lol) I really don’t have anything to compare it to.


My main meal was something they called butcher block bolognese, which my family used to call chili mac even though it didn’t have chili in it. This was made with a cut of steak that they process in their own way, create their own homemade sauce and their own elbow noodles. These bad boys were big, and it actually took me more work to eat it, not because it was tough but because they were big. Very tasty, and it may not look like a lot but my jaws got tired eating it so I had a nice bit to take back home with me. I didn’t have dessert either; yeah, I’m surprised as much as you are. lol

So let’s get this straight. I was in a sushi restaurant and I ate what was supposed to be a Mexican dish and an Italian dish. Yeah, that about covers it. lol In my opinion this is the type of place where you’ll have a better time if you go with a few people and are ready to listen to a little bit of live music. I don’t know if they have bands as well but it was kind of nice having a singer for a little while singing songs from the 60’s and 70’s that brought back memories of college days.

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