Finally! For the last few years I’ve been looking for a Chinese restaurant in the Liverpool area that was at least passable. Now there’s one that I actually like a lot, and it appears I’m not the only one.

four seasonsIn the same space next to Aldi’s on Route 57 in Liverpool, a space previously held by first Kawa Japanese Restaurant and then Fu Wa Asian Restaurant now sits China 88 Restaurant… and it’s definitely a keeper!

It’s owned by the same people who used to own China Wong in Bayberry Plaza. They sold it some times between ’13 and ’14 while I was working out of town. When I came back and ordered food from there, I knew it was not only different but drastically deficient. The last thing I ordered there some time last year was chicken fried rice… and all that was in it was chicken and rice, without any flavor.

China 88 has become the measurable standard for all other Chinese restaurants in the area, and in my opinion it’s going to be hard to match. Except for the very first time I went after it had been open for a week, every other time I’ve been in there the booths have been at least half full; once there was only one booth open, which is the one I wanted anyway. Because of their predecessors, they’ve kept a few Japanese items on the menu like meals with teriyaki and yaki udon.

beef teriyaki

beef teriyaki

I’ve eaten in the restaurant and ordered it as takeout. My favorite meal is what’s called Four Seasons, which has a very flavorable brown sauce mixed with fresh vegetables (I talked to the owner who said that unlike previously, they stopped using canned food, which means no more baby corn or water chestnuts) and 4 different types of meat. Since I’m picky I have a “few” vegetables removed from my portion but my wife loves them. I also order fried rice, which costs an extra $1.50; I’m good with that also.

They also have special meals for lunch, so if I’m not in the mood to spend a lot of money I’ll order either the chicken or beef teriyaki, which comes with the fried rice and an eggroll for $7.95. I love teriyaki so this works great as a lunch special. I’ll admit that I wish they had salmon teriyaki… oh well… 🙂

As for the fried rice… I haven’t ordered it as a separate meal so they give you egg fried rice… which not only obviously had egg in it but also some vegetables… and flavor! It’s strange having to say that but if you like fried rice that’s important.

I endorse China 88 with all my soul and I need people to go there so it stays as long as possible. They also offer local delivery, so if you visit the website you can see everything they have to offer and have it brought to your door. Takeout is quicker though, usually only 10 minutes.

Go, visit, enjoy, and help me keep China 88 around! 🙂

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