A couple of weekends ago I finally came back to town for good (for a while) and my wife came home the same day, although a bit later. We had a great Saturday together before she had to leave early Sunday morning. She called her friend, who was going to meet us for breakfast, and […]

I had no secrets about how much I was going to miss Friendly’s on Route 57. where I’d gone often since I moved to central New York 38 years ago. I knew that they were going to put a Moe’s Southwest Grill in there, and I didn’t like it one bit. To be truthful, I’d […]

It’s funny that I’ve never written a review of Mohegan Manor, which is located in Baldwinsville on Oswego Street; I’ll have to rectify that one day. In this case I’m writing about a visit I made to its basement clubhouse, which they call Club Sushi, and I have to admit that it was an accident […]

For those of you who don’t know (or possibly care lol), I’m not in central New York right now. For the last 6 2/3 months I’ve been consulting in a large city in the south. I’m not going to say which city because, well, I’d rather not go there, but I’ve had both good times […]

Now I really know times are changing. When I first heard that the Friendly’s restaurant that I’d been going to for about 38 years was closing, I was in shock. When I heard that a Moe’s Southwest Grill was coming in its place I wondered how that was going to work in that particular spot […]