Next Tuesday is the BizBuzz Social Media Conference at the Holiday Inn Conference Center on Electronics Parkway, Exit 37 off the NY Thruway starting at 8AM. It’s an all day event with keynote speakers from out of town and yours truly talking about business blogging in the afternoon, which is pretty neat.

Syracuse has been in the news a few times this year as it relates to different social media things. On one level Syracuse University was sitting in the #2 position for Klout influence much of the year, but now supposedly sits in the #7 position and not liking it. Yet another periodical, the name of which I can’t recall, stated that Syracuse is one of the least connected cities in the country where social media is concerned for business.

Yet last year’s BizBuzz conference was a major hit, which shows that there’s enough here to engage anyone, from the novice to the supposed expert. Last year I had something else to do in the morning so I couldn’t go, but I followed some of it via Twitter, as people love sending tweets on what’s going on when they can. It read like it was a lot of fun, and this year there’s a party afterwards and then, the following Friday, I’ve announced a central New York tweetup to bask in the euphoria of the event and hopefully talk about all things local social media.

Nicole & Kevin Samolis, the event organizers

Why do I care so much? In my own way I consider myself an early adopter of social media. I was on one of the first big social media networks, Ryze, back in 2004, and I started blogging late that same year. I now have 5 blogs and accounts on all the major social media outlets, including YouTube. Of course, part of what I do concerns social media so I stay informed to a degree so I can help potential clients with their issues.

I hope a lot of people come. Truthfully, things like this need to be a success in our area because I believe Syracuse is in the right location to become “convention central”. I’ve had other ideas for conferences but wondered if our area could pull them off. I hope so, for all of our sakes.

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