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Last week the area was abuzz with all this talk about local communities, including the city of Syracuse, going through all sorts of new assessments that were jacking up the worth of some properties as much as 50%. I decided I had to talk about this issue since it’s pretty big right now. Let’s face […]

I have lived in the Syracuse area since 1975. I have been to Baldwinsville many times over the years, as one of my best friends lives there. I have passed the B’ville Diner at least a couple hundred times over all these years, and never been there. Truthfully, I’d never even thought about going there, […]

Last Friday we had a Syracuse area tweetup at the new restaurant SyrPrime. It’s on the corner of South Salina St. and Water St. It’s a beautiful basement level location, co-owned by Paul Phan and another man whose last name is Klamm. I don’t remember his first name, but his son Dan is one of […]


Goodness, for that matter why a new blog? A quick introduction. My name is Mitch Mitchell, and I already have a number of blogs. I also have a number of websites, and I manage and/or write blogs for other people as well. I wanted a website that would be specific to all things Syracuse or […]