I’m writing a post a day in January but I figured that since it was Sunday that I’d change up and share something that won’t require a lot of reading. I take a lot of pictures wherever I go, but sometimes I like to shoot a bit of video of what I’m seeing. Many of these end up on Instagram or start there, but I’m never quite sure how many people really see them.

This will probably be the least seen of all my posts for this month, and that’s saying something. Still, it’ll also be the easiest to consume, even if it’s not the shortest; one can’t have everything. I’m only sharing 9 because… well, because I like the number 9! lol

Let’s get started:

1. This was a shot outside my living room window last February when it was -5° and snowing… one of the few snowy days we had last season.

2. I don’t make it to a lot of Syracuse Crunch games, but they won this one, breaking my losing streak of 7 in a row.

3. I call these the stairs of death, Hendricks Chapel at Syracuse University, walking up for the only game I saw at the Dome last year, which was…

4. The Syracuse Orange woman’s team, which won their regional tournament and eventually ended up making the final game. I wish there had been more people here but it was the 3rd largest crowd they’ve ever had.

5. The only bigger deal at Onondaga Lake than the eagle (which I was late in shooting) was the first sign of the swans. This was the best video I got of one of them; so cool!

6. The attack of the geese at Onondaga Lake Park; tons of them!

7. This is the largest flag I’ve ever seen, so big that the winds couldn’t lift it any higher than what you see here. This was in the town of Macedon.

8. This was my first visit to the playground at Onondaga Lake Park, mainly because I never had a kid with me until my wife & I got to play with my great niece one summer day.

9. Out with the old, in with the new on Buckley Road…

That’s it, my top 9. I hope you got a little bit of joy from these.